App Localization

Broaden your app’s reach by providing a multitude of languages in a way that feels natural and appropriate to your international users. Ready to take your app to the next level? Talk to us about taking your app global with our app localization services.

How App Localization Works

1. Tech Platform

Depending on whether you are using Android, iPhone or Windows phones, the approach toward translation would vary. The first step for us is to understand what platform you are using for your app so that we are able to extract the necessary strings for localization.

2. End Users

We spend time to understand your app, use it as your end user would before we localize any content. This is to develop an understanding of how the user experience should be. This allows us to localize the app better.

3. Content Pipeline

We set up a pipeline for CI/CD of localization content straight to your code repository on GitHub, GitLab or anywhere else that you are hosting your code.

4. Localization

In this step, we lean on our experienced team of language experts and project managers to ensure that the localization of your content in multiple languages is seamless. We pay extra attention to gender, tone and context of our language in this process to avoid delays and costly mistakes down the road.

5. QA & Testing

Once the app localization process is over, our QA specialists go over the localized version of your app to identify whether the translations have been done correctly and if they are used as intended for a proper user experience.

6. Keyword Optimization

We help you localize the keywords for your app on Apple Store and Google Play Store so that your app is easier to discover by other users in their native language. This process includes localization of app description, keywords, screenshots explaining how the app works. This helps in improving your ranking on the app store, thereby driving traffic to your app.

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Come, Say Hello!

If you are interested in starting your new website localization project with us or are simply interested in a free quote, please reach out to us below.

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Launching The World’s Most Popular Trading Platform In Japan

Linguavista helped MetaQuotes launch MetaTrader, the world’s most popular trading platform, in Japanese in a cost-effective and timely fashion. With over a million words at stake, learn how we helped MetaTrader launch in Japan.

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Smartphones are the most used device in the world, and 90% of mobile activity is occurring on apps instead of web browsers. Linguavista optimizes your in-app titles, buttons, and marketing copy, as well as App Store, Android,
and Google product descriptions.

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