Website Localization

The purpose of website localization is to deliver a native user experience for your global users. Linguavista makes website localization an easy, transparent and cost-effective process for you. Let us show you how website localization can help you become a market leader in global markets.

How Website Localization Works

1. Business Strategy

Understanding your business strategy and who your end users are is the first step for us to start with the website localization process.

2. Tech Compatibility

We spend time to understand your current tech stack that powers your website. Through this process we also get to know your tech team and discover what kind of CMS or CI/CD pipeline works best for your business.

3. Content Pipeline

Based on the detailed discussions with you about your business strategy and your tech compatibility, we create a pipeline for content extraction, localization and deployment. Some of the important decisions in this step include the choice of CMS and onboarding the team of language experts and project managers who have experience working in similar domain as your business.

4. Localization

This is usually the longest step in the process of website localization. In this step, we lean on our experienced team of language experts and project managers to ensure that the localization of your content from extraction to deployment in another language is seamless. We pay extra attention to gender, tone and context of our language in this process to avoid delays and costly mistakes down the road.

5. QA & Testing

Once the localization process is over, your brand new multilingual website goes through two types of QA and testing. Initially, we test your content for any contextual or grammatical errors. Thereafter, we pay closer attention to the functionality of the site and whether the localization was integrated as expected or not.

6. Search Engine Optimization

Once the website passes quality analysis and testing stage, we help you ensure that your on-page SEO is implemented correctly. We put extra emphasis on keywords that are more relevant in the context of how your end users may be able to search you and your competition. Congratulations – with this step you would officially finish the website localization process. Linguavista will still continue to provide after-deployment support with services ranging from QA Testing, UI/UX Localization, translation, voiceover and multilingual customer support.

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Come, Say Hello!

If you are interested in starting your new website localization project with us or are simply interested in a free quote, please reach out to us below.

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Launching The World’s Most Popular Trading Platform In Japan

Linguavista helped MetaQuotes launch MetaTrader, the world’s most popular trading platform, in Japanese in a cost-effective and timely fashion. With over a million words at stake, learn how we helped MetaTrader launch in Japan.

Scalable Localization Strategy

At Linguavista, our language experts, project managers, software developers and QA keep up with the current trends in the industry. We combine human expertise with cloud-based technology to bring the best practices of website localization to you.

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